Our work in Northern Ireland

Every year, around 4,000 people in Northern Ireland have a stroke.

In response to this, the Northern Ireland Stroke Strategy was launched in July 2008 and since then significant progress has been made.

The Northern Ireland Stroke Strategy has been successful in its implementation in a number of areas. However, the cut in its third year of funding has seen a reduction in the delivery of all of the strategy’s 14 recommendations.

Stroke Association believes that, although the strategy has been unable to deliver on all 14 recommendations, the Northern Ireland Stroke Strategy should continue and develop new ways in which to fulfill all the recommendations.

There needs to be a real emphasis on the development of more rehabilitation and longer term stroke services in order to support stroke survivors, their carers and families on a care pathway to recovery and to avoid social exclusion.

There should be no postcode lottery of stroke services and all services should be available to those affected by stroke.

Recommendations for action in Northern Ireland

Stroke Association Northern Ireland has identified four priority areas for stroke care over the next five years, with the aim of reducing the incidence of stroke, stroke mortality rates, stroke-related disability, and providing a real improvement in the quality of life for stroke survivors.

  • Services for stroke survivors must be available to all who need them.
  • The stroke community in Northern Ireland must be adequately resourced and work together to prevent stroke and ensure that those who have a stroke receive first class medical and therapeutic interventions which will help them make the best recovery.
  • Commissioners must continue to work to improve post-hospital, long-term stroke care.
  • We want to see joined-up work between health and social care into order to realise the areas of concern in this briefing, and make life after stroke a reality for more of Northern Ireland’s stroke survivors.

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Thank you to Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland

Castle Douglas Rotary Club

Thank you to all Rotary Clubs who held a Know Your Blood Pressure event on Saturday 5th April, Know Your Blood Pressure day. Over 200 events took place across the UK, in venues ranging from church halls to country shows, supermarkets to shopping centres.

We are incredibly grateful for the support of RIBI and do hope that you enjoyed the day and would consider holding another event in the future.

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