What is aphasia?

For people with aphasia.

  • Aphasia is a condition that affects a person's ability to communicate, not their intelligence.  
  • Stroke survivors who have aphasia find it difficult to speak, read and write.
  • It affects one in three stroke survivors, which is around 367,000 people living in the UK

Our simple animation, titled Aphasia Etiquette aims to help people communicate better with stroke survivors who have aphasia.


If you'd like to get involved and support our aphasia campaign, please order the free Aphasia Etiquette postcard  to hand in to your GP surgery or local Health Centre.



Living with Aphasia

In a survey of stroke survivors carried out by the Stroke association, almost 800 stroke survivors with aphasia shared their experiences. In this video, four stroke survivors discuss the most common difficulties and frustrations.


We also have communication guides available to download: