When stroke strikes

If you have a stroke, you will be taken to hospital as soon as possible.

You will be taken to accident and emergency (A&E) where further screening tests will be carried out. You should then be taken to an acute stroke unit, which has a range of trained professionals who are experienced in stroke care.

You should have a series of medical tests at hospital as soon as possible to show where the stroke is, how serious it is, and what caused it.

The sooner these tests are carried out the better, because some treatment is only effective if given within a short period of time after a stroke.

You are likely to have to stay in hospital for at least a short time. How long will depend on the severity of your symptoms. 

You are likely to spend some time in a specialist stroke unit or a rehabilitation ward, where your stroke care team will create a care plan based on your needs and will set out the best medication and treatment for you.

When a Stroke Happens by Stroke Association

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