My stroke victory

We all know the serious effects that stroke can have on people’s lives and their families.

Here at the Stroke Association we know that there can be life after stroke. We hear countless stories from survivors every day who have achieved personal goals which may have once seemed impossible to them. This web page is dedicated to celebrating and sharing those achievements which we call Stroke Victories.

A Stroke Victory can be anything from cooking a meal to climbing the stairs. It can be starting a new career or volunteering in your community.

Each victory, no matter how big or small, is significant and we believe sharing these experiences is a great way to connect stroke survivors with each other. So we invite you to watch, listen to and read these stories. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do.


The My Stroke Victory booklet has stories from many stroke survivors and their families. Download the booklet here

The booklet is also available in Welsh. Download the Welsh version


The Life After Stroke campaign is proudly sponsored by Ipsen Ltd.


Watch a selection of my stroke victory videos and listen to stroke survivors speak of their achievements:

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