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To so many of us, research is important because it's about change.

We believe in the power of research to save lives, prevent stroke and ensure people make the best recovery they can.

Research funded by the Stroke Association has the ultimate aim of making stroke a preventable and treatable disease, and improving the quality of life for people affected by stroke.


Research news

New research reviews behavioural interventions used for the prevention of recurrent stroke

Friday 24 April 2015

A recurrent stroke is any stroke that occurs after someone's first ever stroke.

About 3 in 10 stroke survivors will go on to have a recurrent stroke or TIA, and the greatest risk of recurrent stroke is in the first 30 days of a previous stroke.

Dr Maggie Lawrence is one of our Postdoctoral Research Fellows and has recently published two research papers which review the use of behavioural interventions for the prevention of recurrent stroke: