Action on Stroke Month

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The Stroke Association's Action on Stroke Month returns for the third time running this May 2014! This month-long campaign aims to raise awareness of stroke and TIA/mini-stroke, and boasts a wealth of events and activities, from Step out for Stroke walks, Community Fairs, Know Your Blood Pressure events, Stroke Association services and much much more!

The theme for Action on Stroke Month 2014 is TIA or mini-stroke

Every year at least 46,000 people in the UK have a TIA or Transient ischaemic attack (also known as mini-stroke) for the first time and although the symptoms may not last long, a TIA is still very serious. It’s a sign that a person is at risk of going on to have a stroke. That is why a TIA is often called a warning stroke yet too many people are unaware of the link between TIA and stroke and are not getting the services and support they need. 

How can I get involved?
Stroke survivors, carers, professionals and family members are all coming together to take action on stroke. Join us and become part of the stroke community today. Take action now!

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