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We’re delighted to have backing and support from these celebrities and personalities for Action on Stroke Month. Hover your mouse over the images to read an extract and click to see the full quote.

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  • Sir Alan Ayckbourn
    "I had a stroke in 2006. It left me unable to use one side of my body and, emotionally, I was left feeling rather low. Luckily I had the support I needed to make a good recovery. It's essential that everyone has access to first class after care and information, which is why I support the Stroke Association’s Action on Stroke Month.."
  • Karren Brady
    "In the UK, someone, somewhere will have a stroke every five minutes. In 2006 I had a brain aneurysm which could have led to a stroke. Fortunately it didn’t, but having been at such high risk, this is now a cause which is very close to my heart. Stroke can be devastating not only for the survivor of the illness but also for their loved ones, that’s why I am supporting the Stroke Association’s, Action on Stroke month."
  • Adrian Chiles
    "A good friend of mine had the misfortune to have a stroke, so I know firsthand how vital it is to have experts on hand to help you cope. Whether you're recovering from a stroke yourself or caring for someone else, having the right support available can make all the difference. Please join me in backing Action on Stroke Month."
  • Kirk Douglas
    “One in six people in the world will have a stroke.  As a survivor, you learn that there is life after a stroke.  I hope you will join me in supporting the Stroke Association’s Action on Stroke Month.”
  • Jullian Fellowes
    "One in six people in the world have a stroke at some point in their lives, as my family knows only too well.  My wife's father had his first stroke when she was eight years old and over the next ten years, until his death, she and her mother had to witness just how hard it can be.  Years later her uncle had a stroke but that time, happily, she was able to nurse him back to health. So you will understand why I am supporting Action on Stroke Month now. I do hope you will join me."
  • Lord Michael Grade
    "A stroke can damage anyone at anytime at any age. Even a mild incident can leave the victim and family with a lifetime of insecurity...when will it strike again? I have intimate and sad experience of a serious series of strokes; my late father Leslie was struck down the first time in middle age and at the height of his considerable powers. He was never the same again and limped through another thirteen years of very limited life before succumbing to yet more strokes. Research, prevention and treatment continue to need funding support to save lives, save suffering and save misery."
  • Dame Vera Lynn
    “I lost my lovely, kind and thoughtful husband of 58 years to a stroke. It’s a terrible thing and more common than people think. I am delighted to support the Stroke Association’s Action on Stroke Month. I hope you’ll join me to show your support for the millions of people who are now living with the effects of this awful condition.”
  • Alex Jones
    "A stroke happens in an instant and changes lives forever, not just for the survivor but for their families and friends too. That’s why I’m supporting the Stroke Association’s Action on Month. Join us and together we can help change the world for people affected by stroke.”
  • Miriam Margolyes
    "I was shocked to discover that every five minutes someone in the UK has a stroke. From my own experience, I know how devastating this can be, but it is possible to treat and often prevent strokes. I believe Action on Stroke month will be vital in raising awareness. Please support it too."
  • Jools Oliver
    "I know first-hand the effect stroke can have on family life. My dad had a stroke when I was nine and whilst it obviously hit him incredibly hard, it affected all of us in a major way. He died of his second stroke 15 years later. That's why I am supporting Action On Stroke Month. I hope you do too."
  • Gareth Pugh
    "I have been lucky enough to meet some of the amazing people who have been supported by the Stroke Association and I know that strokes can happen to anyone at any age. That’s why I’m delighted to be backing Action on Stroke Month and I hope you will too."

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