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Are you fundraising with us? Discuss any issues you have and share your great tips.

I am appreciating such a good

I am appreciating such a good stuff and Marathon race are really helpful about future however Half Marathon Training Tips for those people who wanna participate and coaching for marathon race.

Trentham Gardens Car share

My lift to the race has fallen through for the Trentham Gardens Resolution Run. I was wondering whether anyone near Crewe would be willing to car share to the race? I'm happy to contribute to petrol funds.

Step out for stroke

Hi I was wondering what size the small t shirts are I have mine it's a medium but was wondering if you did children's sizes so I could get one for my daughter she will be walking with me on the day and my reason for doing the event thanks

Emma :)

Hi Emma We do a child size

Hi Emma

We do a child size (age 7/8) it is quite small. If you would like one please contact the Step out for Stroke office with your conatct detaisl and the event you are participating in.

Kind regards

Step out for Stroke team

Virgin London Marathon


Does the Stroke Association have places in the London Marathon 2014? How much are runners expected to raise for their chosen charities? I did the GNR, a Resolution Run and a Zip Wire for the Assoc and have done a few more half marathons and after watching the event today I am considering applying for next year. I would like to run for a 'good' cause and whilst the Assoc is close to my heart due to my mum, it does concern me that until I 'sign' on the dotted line I wouldn't know how much I would be expected to raise.

Does anyone know?


Hi Ali Thanks for your

Hi Ali

Thanks for your message. That is fantastic that you are considering running in the London Marathon 2014 for Stroke Association.

Stroke Association do have a limited number of guaranteed places in the 2014 event.

Our Gold Bond Application process will open towards the end of this week and will stay open until 01 October 2013.  You will be able to submit an application at Successful applications will be informed in October and will receive written confirmation. Unsuccessful applicants will be placed on a waiting list in case a place becomes available.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, all applications will be subject to a selection process. Shortlisted participants will have a telephone interview before a decision is made. Places are based on strength of application, so we will ask you to include as much detail as possible. We want all participates to pledge to raise a minimum of £2000 (not including Gift Aid).

I would also strongly recommend you apply for a place in the London Marathon ballot on the 29th April. If you are lucky enough to get a place through the ballot you can still be part of Team Stroke, however there would be no minimum sponsorship target. Applying through the ballot doubles your chances of getting a place.

If you have any questions at all about any of this, please let me know. Thank you once again for wanting to support us.



Fundraising Dances

I have many years' experience of fundraising activities including organising and running dances. I have therefore put together an information sheet, which I am happy to email to anyone, entitled Fundraising Dances. Just contact me with 'Fundraising Dances' in the Subject field and I'll send you a copy:

Hello ladies and gents, I

Hello ladies and gents,

I have signed up to a 10K run around eton dorney lake in May. Training hard in the cold weather.

Does anyone have any tips for fundraising? I haven't been very successful on twitter so far.

You can view my link below.



Our fab DIL

This morning our Lovely dil Mandy told us that she is going to do the Bupa Great North Run in May 2013.

Mandy is hoping to rise money for The Stroke Association
As my husband Eddie stuff a serious stroke in October 2011.

Any help or advice for Mandy would be very helpful. Also if people would like to sponsor Mandy near the time. All would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Eddie, Jane and Mandy Thomson x

Runcorn Bridge Zip

Hi I've just signed up to zip wire from the Runcorn Widnes bridge on the 25th November. Has anyone else?


How did you get on? Did you

How did you get on? Did you do it?


Walking the West Highland Way

Hi, My name is Steve, I am 33 and live in Faringdon near Oxford. I am going to walk the West Highland Way (96 miles from Milngavie, near Glasgow, to Fort William in the Highlands) in 6 days during September, to raise money for the Stroke Association. My Nana is the inspiration for my walk, having suffered with multiple strokes over the past few years. She has battled bravely and is still fighting hard, but I want to do anything I can to support this cause. I have set up a blog to track progress through my training and the walk itself. Feel free to follow me at the link below:

Thanks for reading Steve

your post

Dear Steve,

It was really lovely to read your inspirational story, and thank you for thinking to fundraise for The Stroke Association. It was also really interesting to see the progress you have made in your blog.

We have had to remove part of your post, which lists your JustGiving link, due to this not meeting our Talkstroke Terms and Conditions. Please see below for the relevant section of our Terms and Conditions:

“Donation and fundraising requests are not allowed on TalkStroke these should be confined to appropriate sites such as JustGiving.”

The reason that we have had to do this is because Talkstroke is designed as a way for people affected by stroke to share their experiences and offer mutual support. Although your stroke journey does share your experience, we are unable to list any links for fundraising within the forum at this time.

Perhaps you could join The Stroke Association Facebook page, as you are able to list your JustGiving information on there.

Many thanks,

Talkstroke Moderator


u must hve had a great recovery well done!(wats the secret? lol) for those of us who can barely walk the room 96miles sounds amazing, id settle for as far as the corner shop! well done to u congrats and all the best with yur walk lyn


u must hve had a great recovery well done!(wats the secret? lol) for those of us who can barely walk the room 96miles sounds amazing, id settle for as far as the corner shop! well done to u congrats and all the best with yur walk lyn