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Alisha's story
When I was 26 I had a stroke that left me unable to read, write or walk. Losing my speech felt like being in a bubble. You feel trapped in yourself.
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Erin's story
I was 29 when I had a haemorrhagic stroke. In about half a second there was a bang in my head, a contained explosion. I later found out it was a blood vessel that had burst.
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Max's story
I had a stroke at my 7th birthday party. I got a pain on the right side of my head but I couldn’t cry because I lost my voice.
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Nick's story
I used to be Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Planning but in 2013 I had a major stroke which left me with aphasia, a communication difficulty. The Stroke Association helped me with my rehabilitation and ever since I have been fundraising for them.
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Amber's story
I had a massive stroke after my first year at university. The doctors told me I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but I’m stubborn. I learnt to walk and talk again and I now volunteer for the Stroke Association.
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Bill's story
I had my stroke two weeks after I retired from the police force. I've used My Stroke Guide as part of my general recovery and it's helped me to make sense of my stroke.
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