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Dr Sreeman Andole's story
I’ve been a Consultant Stroke Physician, Clinical Lead and Director for Stroke Medicine for over eight years. I’m passionate about patient care, committed to involving patients in stroke improvement plans and dedicated to driving up standards.
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Suzi's story
When my husband, Paul, came home from hospital a few weeks after his stroke, I didn’t know how we’d manage. I simply didn’t know what to do.
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Chris's story
I’ve been in stroke research for over 20 years. Right now, i'm working with paramedics to improve how we get people the right emergency stroke treatments as soon as possible, which can make a big difference to their recovery.
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Tristan's story
My stroke left me paralysed on my right side and in constant pain. But I wanted to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle so I was determined to get moving again.
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Bill's story
I had my stroke two weeks after I retired from the police force. I've used My Stroke Guide as part of my general recovery and it's helped me to make sense of my stroke.
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Simon's story
My mum’s stroke left her unable to speak or understand. Please have difficult conversations with your loved ones so you know what their wishes are.
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Meet Ian, a stroke survivor and stroke group chairperson.

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allows a stroke survivor to attend an art therapy group, which rebuilds confidence.

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