4 Weeks after stroke

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61 year old retired from Corporate banking after 40 years. On 12th August 2017 had a Cerebellar Stroke secondary to a Vertebral Artery Dissection whilst away from home. Was extremely fit running 4/5 miles 4 times a week, golf etc. BP ok Cholesterol ok. Wonder whether cause may have been injury to neck from lifting as moved house the week before and had to give up on a round of golf. In the week before the stroke had pulsatile tinnitus followed by headaches and dizziness. In hospital for 8 days, walking with a stick after 3. 4 weeks on walking 4/5 miles a day in two stints and eating well. Still have numb left side of face and left arm a little clumsy but improving.

Tim, Welcome tothe forum. None of us are medically qualified, so probably cannot explain your stroke. You sound to be making a remarkable recovery, probably due to your fitness. Keep up the good work!

Dear Tim
Sorry to hear of your having a stroke, but welcome to our forum. There a re a lot of good people on this site and they give good advice and good tips.
I have never known what caused the stroke that bit me. But not sure I need to know.
Your fitness will help you to recover. You seem to be doing very well indeed, well done.

Keep up the exercise and get those face muscles working. And with care the clumsiness in the hand will ease. It is of course the messaging from your brain that is wonky. The muscles are not damaged.

We are lucky that we are retired and don't have to even think about going back to work.

best wishes

Hi Tim, I'm 37 and had the same type of stroke as you have described, on 22nd August 2017. I was fortunate to be in hospital for only 3 nights, but have been left with a weak left leg and a foot which believes flat is not actually flat so walking has been difficult, but getting easier and flatter every day. I am in awe of your ability to walk that far each day, your recovery has been incredible. I think your fitness prior to the stroke has definitely helped. I am nowhere near overweight however I am not one for exercise - 3 young children create enough activity on their own!
I am completely in the dark as to how I managed to have an arterial dissection etc however it may have been from mowing the grass under the trampoline 2 weeks prior to the event. I have been informed that it can be as easy as putting your head back over the sink at the hairdressers, or looking round too quickly in the car (to stop bickering children!).
Have you had any physio at all? I was talking to a lady today and she said that physio has helped her immeasurably and leads a completely normal life now thanks to the physio. Her fatigue has even disappeared completely. She was 40 when she had her 'hiccup'.
I am sorry there are no answers, that we will never know.

Hi F-B - sorry hear about your stoke - mine was bad enough at 61 with three adult children let alone at 37 and 3 young ones. Must have been very frightening. I was in hospital (we were miles away from home when it happened and had just sold our house) and stayed there for 8 days. I had physio whilst in hospital which initially got me walking with a zimmer, then stick which i stopped using when I got out. Awaiting to hear of any follow up physio from where i live now (Oxford) but there is plenty of stuff on the internet. Flat foot has improved and almost gone and I am now worth on eye co-ordination balance stuff. Just back from10 days in the Algarve which tested me walking around but the warm weather and change of scene was good for me.

For me its all about repetition with the phsio and whilst it takers time improvement follows. I'm on 4 drugs, statins, blood pressure and blood thinning and i am having a specialist review in October. All the best

Colin - thanks for this. I have just come back from the Algarve after 10 days and swimming in the pool certainly helped with my left arm. Exercise continues apace now i am back (it was hard getting the miles in in Portugal as it was quite hilly).



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