Brain training?

I've developed an ignorance to numbers measurements technical stuff, it's not that I can't do it anymore it's just I'm not interested and it takes more effort. Does anyone partake in any brain training exercise to keep the old grey matter sharp? Crosswords? Suduko? Arithmetic? It certainly won't do me any harm so if anyone knows of any good apps or similar please let me know:-)

I had a play around with elevate on their free trial. Lots of games and hints for reading , speaking, listening (my biggest problem area) and maths. Ideal as they are in 60s chunks ideal if your concentration is affected. Handy graphs etc to map progress.

I do the concise crossword in the I every day. It is enough for me. I sometimes do the code word as well. Now my cataract has been done I have also started reading again. Unfortunately, I am also a bit addicted to my iPad.

I'm addicted to the iPhone and iPad if I am going to mess around staring at a screen I might aswell do a bit of learning

Music is my main hobby and a few months after my stroke my arm had recovered enough to pick up the guitar I found I could no longer read music! Fortunately that skill soon came back but actual playing the instrument took a lot longer. I'd even forgotten the skill of holding it and the worse thing was that my fingers could not support a plectrum for more than 5 seconds. It is now two and a half years since my stroke and although I still have some way to go I can play reasonably well.
My daily cryptic crossword battle also came to a stop being unable to hold a pen. I am back to 'looking at' the Guardian crossword which my wife and I share. She has emerged as the better solver probably because my lack of concentration and short attention span, but we both enjoy the challenge and I can remember with delight the one occasion we beat it without resorting to looking up the answers.

I got the Mensa brain training app, my mrs just told me to stop swearing at it! I might get a chess app aswell that will get me thinking

Elevate is hard

Hi Joe,

I used a service called Lumosity ( It's been developed by neuroscientists and has a variety of games and challenges which improve cognitive skills. It keeps a record of your performance over time, so you can see you are improving. It has Apps for phones and tablets too, although I generally used it on a PC or laptop.

The catch is that it's not free - ongoing use requires a subscription.

While it's not perfect, it is certainly more effective than the so-called Brain Training games sold for Games consoles.

Anything that poses a challenge helps train your brain. I enjoy Sudoku but there is no maths involved in Sudoku - it's just a logic problem.

Horses for courses: the best solution is one you enjoy doing and which is giving you results.

Good luck and keep trying!




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