Cerebellar stroke (bleed) 42 year old man - 6 months on


my husband suffered a serious bleed in his cerebellum in April this year while we were in Italy. He was in ICU in a coma for more than a month, and then slowly emerged from the coma. He's now in a rehab hospital. In the last 2 months he's become more withdrawn, and has seems to have moved backwards rather than progressing - I feel it's about his mood. He refuses therapies, and is very angry at times, and sad.

Does anyone have a similar experience, and can you offer any help? We've tried to get him moved to another Rehab hospital to try and different approach and environment, but they won't take him because he's so unsettled right now.

We're just very concerned about his mood - can anyone help with us understanding how to help him best?

Thank you to anyone who can help!

Hi there. So sorry to hear of your husband’s stroke. When I was in hospital the staff said that there are people who refuse therapies and no amount of encouragement will change them. Deep down, he probably thinks that life is not worth living and that nothing will change. It may be that he will listen to you and other close relatives and friends, but you have probably tried to do the best you can already to encourage him. If you read our posts on here, you will gather that a lot of grit and determination is required to move forward. Because Stroke is a near death experience, the whole of his persona has been shattered and may take a long,long time to recover. Try to encourage him just do do small things. Tell him many of us on here fight our way back and do have quality of life. We can go on holiday again and do other things. Is it worth asking the staff if psychological counselling is available? Unfortunately, the NHS is strapped for cash and funding is tight. It must, however, be an awful experience for you to be going through. I only wish I could suggest more that might help.

Dear Gj
John has got it spot on. At the end of the day it is up to us to push our recoveries forward, no doctors and no family can do it for us. Support is very helpful, but the recovery is in our own hands.
Going backwards should not be happening. Its recovery after an illness, not an illness in its own right. Yes we get withdrawn, we are changing personality.
Maybe he is heading in to depression. That would be a pity because it sets recovery aside whilst we get over the depression.
Counselling is a good option. The counsellor needs to be experienced with strokes. It helped me a lot.

Best wishes



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