Dizziness after stroke

How long recovery dizziness after stroke ?

Dear Mira
Every stroke is different. Every one of us is different. So any symptom will differ. Dizziness is particularly difficult as it stops you doing so much.
It is a good idea to check your weight and keep at your optimum level. Get your sleeping in a good pattern. Exercise within your capabilities. Adjust your diet. Drink plenty of liquids.
Part of my dizziness was a lack of vitamin D. GP discovered that and gave me medication.
Some of our symptoms might last many months and then quite suddenly disappear.
Best wishes

Hello Rima, as Colin says, every stroke is different so no one can advise you how long dizziness will last, they can only give their own experience of what they have been through. In my case dizziness is now the biggest barrier for me. I am 18 months post stroke and it's still there, no real improvement. Reluctantly I am now experimenting with a low dose of anti depressants prescribed by my GP. I will update in a few weeks if I feel any progress.



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