Face pain

I had my major stroke three years ago which took away my right side. Just recently, I have started experiencing pain on the ride side of my face and it also feels swollen. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what does it mean?

Thank you.

Dear Abhakta
For me the swollen face meant I needed anti histamines, which worked a treat.
I get jaw pain, very much like toothache, and it means I am about to be hit with pain and discomfort, mainly to my digestive system.
The brain plays very strange tricks.
Best wishes

Thank you very much. I agree, the brain does play very strange tricks.

Hi Abhakta
I had my right side thalamus stroke 16 months ago
I went to the dentist last week with what I thought was toothache I had been up all night after X-rays and an intensive check up nothing wrong with my teeth
Great news for my teeth and pain gone now
So yes the brain plays tricks lol
Thankfully I have a very kind and patient dentist
I think the trick is not to get stressed over tired or dehydrated
Take care x



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