Family member trying to treat mini stroke naturally

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So my uncle had a TIA (mini stroke) his wife is a nurse so when he explained his symptoms numbness, weakness in arm ect she told him it was a TIA but he doesn't need to go and see a doctor ect because she is very anti drugs and doesn't trust doctors so instead she has told him he can cure it naturally by taking magisum and q10 and exercising as well as watching what he eats so he doesn't go on to have a full blown stroke. When he had this TIA " his blood pressure was up to 180 and he went numb on one side it only lasted a short while but sounds not good. He hasn't gone to seek any real medical help and has just done what his wife told him to do, take his natural supplements and do more exercise and watch what he eats. Though it does seem to be doing him good as hes lost weight and his blood pressure is down but I am still worried about him having a stroke as he hasn't gone to see a doctor about it. Hes in his early 60's. So I am asking on here if he has done the right thing or not?

An anti drugs nurse who doesn't trust doctors......hmmmm......

Dear Mrs C
An interesting situation. Wayne actually has answered quite conclusively in just one line.
So lets think of Uncle. TIAs rarely leave any damage so there isn't much to do for a recovery from his TIA. Rest, think before he drives but there isn't much, if anything, to do medically.
TIAs can however be a warning shot that a full stroke might be on the near horizon. So he would be wise to prevent a stroke, just like everyone else but perhaps a little more urgent.
So he needs exercise, no excess weight, absolutely no smoking, booze in moderation. Then he needs his BP to be reasonable for him, his cholesterol below 5 and his blood thin. He also should get a good sleep pattern. And not be stressed. Now it is better to do all this naturally than pile in the drugs. So he is probably doing the right thing. The drugs can easily cause all sorts of problems (side effects etc) so I think I would do what Auntie suggests.
Maybe he should be using the wonders of modern science to check his heart and have a look inside his head. And check to see if clots are forming. And maybe he should avail himself of the expertise of a stroke trained doctor. The medical profession is trying to get up to speed with strokes and things have moved on a lot in the past few years.

I take the view that I would rather enjoy my final years of life than get a few more extra years but be continually drugged or starving etc.

Whatever, say hello to Uncle from me and wish all your family a happy 2018.

I believe I had a TIA before my full stroke, but my doctor said no. High blood pressure puts one in danger of a full stroke. When I had my stroke my BP was 200. I am now on drugs to control this and they work. Whilst a change in diet and lifestyle can help, I prefer to take drugs to minimise risk further. On the other hand, I was prescribed one drug after my stroke that I should not have been put on, as it raises the risk of another stroke. My doctor agreed and took me off it. Everything, however, is a matter of personal choice, but it should be an ‘informed’ choice, not just the say so of someone else’s opinion.

No he hasn’t done the right thing, is his wife trying to kill him off? Of course he needs medical supervision. Lifestyle changes will help though but I wouldn’t chance it.



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