Intracerebral Hemorrhage last Tues 10 Oct 2017

My Mum is 77 and whilst attending a hosp appointment for something else she suffered an Intracerebral Hemorrhage. As in hosp was caught quickly and scan given. Put on blood pressure medication and monitored. Slight weakness in right side which seems to have mainly rectified. Thurs speech bad, a lot of gibberish, very worrying. Today speech was a lot better as was understanding. Second CT scan on Wed showed bleed still there but the same. MRI today showed the same. Worried so much, I cannot function and expect call every night to say bleed has started up again. 3 and a half days since stroke. Can anyone give advice or have had similar experience. So scared.

Hi Sharon, I had a stroke through a bleed eighteen months ago. I know they got by bp down from 200, and then controlled by through medication. Had one MRI scan, but that was it, I was 72 at the time. I was left with total left side weaknessand could not stand or use my hand and arm. I now walk with a stick, cook, do a little ironing and have some good quality of life. You need grit and determination to fight back and improve. It is not fast progress and I have had post stroke fatigue ever since as well. I have to rest\sleep for an hour every afternoon.

Please tell Mum my story and give her my love. All is not lost, so encourage her all you can. There is life After Stroke!

Hi John, thank you so much for your reply. Very hard to see someone you love going through this. I will share your story with Mum to give her hooe. She is a determined person like yourself. Hope you continue on getting a bit stronger. Thank you again, Sharon

Dear Sharon
So sorry about your Mum.
It is worrying that the bleed hasn't yet cleared and you will be on tenterhooks until that has settled down. At that stage the doctors will see what permanent damage has been done and the long journey of recovery can start.
Mum will probably then want to sleep for most of the day. That will be the norm.

A stroke bit me in December 2015 and initially I was paralyzed. Couldn't move at all, not even turn over or puff up the pillows. But I could eat and I had reasonable use of my right hand.

I was 68. Today I am still on the recovery journey but I can walk, get up a step ladder, bake cakes and garden a little. And drive short journeys. Do say hello to Mum from me and I look forward a few weeks hence and hope she will be on the forum herself for reassurance and tips.

Please update us with Mums progress.
Thanks and best wishes

Hi Colin, thank you for your reply and so glad that your recovery had been good albeit a long road. Will be extremely worried until Mum is out of the woods. She feels self conscious talking because of slip ups and can get quite agitated. Very early days for her. Will send your regards and let her know there can be light ahead. She also has arthritis in hip which makes moving around even more difficult. They think her stroke is due to blood pressure spiking.

Send you lots of good wishes on your ongoing journey and will keep an update going here as the support is what is needed most at this time.

Best wishes, Sharon

There is no normal when it comes to stroke, but both your and your Mother's reactions are fairly standard. Without a doubt initially the chance of another stroke is foremost in everyone's mind, both victim and carer. It takes a while before that scare goes away.
The fact that she is a fighter bodes well for recovery. Please give her all our love and best wishes.

Thank you for your response Deigh, 5 days now and still so scared. She misses lots of words and gets frustrated. So worried bleed will start up again and I will lose her. Trying to be positive and am very positive when with her for her sake. Will pass on your best wishes and wish you all the best.

Thank you again, Sharon

Dear Sharon
I had a very "clean" stroke with no complications and very clear diagnosis. Because of this I might sometimes be able to help you by sharing my experiences. Do ask whatever you like and some one will be on here for you.
As every day passes the danger reduces. You are no doubt looking to the stage when the bleed has stopped. The doctors can then give the medical all clear, often within a few days of the stroking ceasing/bleeding stop.
Then its recovery.
Mum is showing signs of the post stroke journey (speech and memory issues) which make things confusing for you (and her!).

Mum is doing ok thankfully. Bleed is not getting any worse although still shows up on scan but may reduce in time. Memory ok but a little sketchy. She is getting frustrated trying to find words to express herself and just wants to be in her own home. They took her to a kitchen and got her to make tea and boil an egg, which she didn't do too well which upset her and she feels she will never get home if fails their tests which is making her resent the therapy staff where ordinarily she is a patient and kind woman. She is constantly tired and trying to fight it. Hate seeing such an independent woman struggling so much. I know no two cases are the same but this all should improve - shouldn't it???

Hi Sharon. The staff have to be sure Mum can look after herself when home and not put herself in danger. The system here in Worcestershire was different, as they took me on a home visit to judge where hazards were. At first, I could not cook and was a bit absent minded. Then I realised I had to break tasks down into stages and dothem over a period of hours. Mum is still in ‘Mum’ mode, where she just did everything as she always did. Now she has to learn again and go back to basics. Things then get easier. From that things will improve. I now cook all the time, but it took me ages to learn to peel potatoes and apples again as I had no grip.

It is hard to emphasise how long recovery takes and Mum must learn to be patient again, being home will help, as it is familiar territory, whereas the hospital is not. I am 19 months on and still have some way to go. The first months are usually the worst.




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