Life After TIA

Im 29 and suffered a mini stroke at the start of the Month 2/10/17, ive been put on clopidogrel and simvastatin by the hospital and signed off from work by my doctor untill end of the month, ive had a mri, ct scan and awaiting a echocardiogram and 48hr ecg, i feel very tired and seem to only be able to be up and about on my feet for a certain amount of time before my head starts to feel funny sort of fuzzy and makes me feel not normal, i feel down and generally not myself, Is that a normal thing to be feeling after a TIA (i know its not a full blown stroke which im counting my blessings for) I have a follow up appointment at the TIA clinic at the end of November but im wondering if i should see about getting signed off from work untill ive had that appointment, i work in a busy shop where im on my feet all day if i cant even manage to walk around a supermarket for half hour without feeling funny what hope have i got of running a shop.

Dear Hatter
The good news is that sufferers from TIAs recover much quicker than the full blown strokes. And usually have no permanent damage. A few very bad TIAs seem to take six or even twelve weeks of recovery.
The simple answer is yes, get signed off until the November appointment.
I know that TIAs are small compared with full strokes, but they are still nasty and sometimes serious ailments.
Also, do take the medication and any medical advice seriously. You do not want the TIA to lead to further problems.
Best wishes

Thankyou for your reply colin, luckly i have a very understanding work team (work for british heart foundation) who have told me not to return untill i feel totally 100%



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