Small stroke in Dec 16. I collapsed at work and paramedic diagnosed hemplegic migraine but symptoms didn't resolve and I found out I had had a stroke the next day after MRI. Always suffered with migraines but didn't have one until 3 months after the stroke then gradually they are increasing. This week alone I have had 3 all with aura. Sometimes I just experience visual aura but no headache. Does anyone experience since?

Dear Ehmu
I have had migraine, about two every three weeks ish, for about sixty years. Then stroke in December 2015. Migraine stopped for many months after stroke. I have now had just three in a year. Not sure if this is any help. Just sharing experiences. Since stroke I have been taking relaxation classes, a better diet and avoiding all stress. I would gladly have migraine if I could go back and reverse the stroke !

Ehmu, this reply is no use to you I'm afraid but had to shove my oar in! My situation is similiar to Colin's. I had migraine regularly right from about nine years old. Not the really serious migraine but incredibly unpleasant headaches, which could be controlled with asprin and shuteye. Since my stroke I have not had one at all, the nearest being the odd tightness around my eyes.
It's good to know something positive can come from a stroke!
We'd all like you to tell us in a few months whether the situation has improved or not.

Out of interest which anti coagulant are you taking?
I had a TIA a year ago I was started on warfarin, tried to get a therapeutic INR but not stable . The remarkable thing for me was I didn't have a migraine whilst taking warfarin . I have had for years migraine aura mostly with out headache. A month a go I was switched to Apixaban and I have had at least 2 migraines each week.Headaches seem to be a side effect of Apixaban. However yesterday I lost the strength in my left hand. The GP I saw said not another TIA I mentioned could it be hemiplegic migraine as I had had an aura the night before. Doctor didn't have an answer for me I still have the weakness and it's now 36 hours since it started. I am really worried that it is a TIA . Only good thing doc switched me back to warfarin without question.

dear Gerardine
Very interesting. warfarin and no migraine. I am on clopidogrel and my migraines have virtually stopped. Ironic that I did have one on Wednesday and I took my usual aspirin which kept the migraine to a minimum. Migraines are not at all severe for me so never has been a problem. Unlike many sufferers who do go through the grindstone. I am lucky.

Best wishes

Hi, I am on Clopidogrel. I have been on it since January. A month after my stroke they took me off aspirin and replaced it with that. I haven't felt the same since the stroke so it's difficult to say if it's a side effect or the stroke. A hemeplegic migraine can mimic a stroke as that is what they thought mine was. Just trust your own body and if your not happy go to A&E they won't turn you away and they can decide if you need any scans. Since I added this post I have had three more. I can't help but worry that it's a sign of something more serious.

Fingers crossed we are both ok xx

Thank you for your reply, a little difficult to cross fingers at moment though!! However I do wish you well and hope you are ok. I think if I am still the same in morning , I can rule out hemiplegic migraine, it's so hard to know what to do , GP didn't seem that concerned but could offer me. no explanation.

What a shame. I couldn't express what I felt when I had my stroke. Inside I knew something really bad was happening but unfortunately I couldn't express my concerns. I could only say things like 'I don't know'. If I could of i would of said that I'm really unwell and something bad has happened. Please do trust your instincts. If you get any signs your worried about go to A&E don't waste time with your GP because it might be too late xx

Update- it was a stroke. I didn't do anything over weekend but no change in arm/handwent to GP Monday morning saw a different GP he was on phone straight away to stroke unit he said until it's proved you haven't had a stroke , you have! I am still on acute stroke ward waiting now for MRI. I have had discussions with consultant about migraines in past month. He says Apixaban does cause Headaches and it seems in my case migraines. He feels I wasn't anticoagulated enough hench the stroke. I have started on rivaroxaban and I am on high dose of aspirin at moment. If rivaroxaban doesn't suit me or I continue with migraines consultant not averse to me going back on Warfarin . At the moment I feel I have had a lucky escape it could have been so much worse. My weakness in arm is improving each day.Lesson learnt as already posted ! -follow your OWN instinct it's hard when you live on your own family miles away you , you don't want to bother anymore.

I'm so sorry to hear this. It's so disappointing when you hear a GP doesn't take it seriously. The second GP was right. Always treat as stroke until test proves otherwise. I do hope you get some answers and they help you through this. If you need to chat message me. Xx




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