Partner 8 weeks haemorrhagic stroke - any advice

This is new to me. My partner suffered a large brain haemorrhage and stroke 8 weeks ago. He has been out of intensive care for 2 weeks and now in the acute stroke ward waiting referral to a Brian injury rehab unit. He appears to be cognitively himself (remembers all things we ask him) and starting to talk again. He has left side paralysis.
I believe he will be in Hospital many months.
My question is really what more can he and I be doing / learning ? The local support group is only for speech, what else can this organisation assist with. Is it possible to have a one to one meeting as I want to make sure I'm fully up to speed with what is available to him, plus understand what options are for long term care and adapting our home etc... any advice would be appreciated.

I do not know what area you live in, but I do know support varies from area to are. Firstly, you need to talk to those treating him in hospital to see what the prognosis is. The hospital will also send a report to his gp. When I left hospital, I left with a full set of notes and a referral to the Community Stroke Team, a neuropsychologist and the FES (functional electronic stimulus) regional centre. I had support from the Community Stroke Team for six weeks and had daily physio plus visits from a stroke nurse, my doctor and my practice's community nurse.

After this I was referred back for weekly physio at my old hospital, but that depended on my ability to make further progress. My gp practice, however, has not done anything in terms of back up and I found it hard to get a post stroke review after six months. I have just taken myself off one medication, because it should not have been prescribed for my type of stroke. I found that out for myself.

So, a lot for you to think about, but remember that support varies. Mine has been very good and I also have a Life After Stroke Centre nearby which offers all kinds of classes for stroke survivors. Hope this helps.



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