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Hi, my dad had a stroke 2 years. He just turned 75. He has not recovered any of the function lost since he had his stroke. It happened overnight and he wasn't found by my mom until the morning. She thought he had just fallen asleep watching tv. He has very little speech/comprehension. Very limited movement in both hands, no grip. Feeding bag, can't even really drink water. Lives now in a nursing home because my mom can care for him at home. I of course struggle with seeing him like this, I want to give him something he can use to have something other than mindlessly staring at the tv when we're not there. He won't wear head phones because he can't put them on and off himself. So audio books are hard, he was an advid reader. I'm just looking for any ideas. He has trouble focusing and comprehending. He gets very frustrated and angry because he can't form sentences. This is no life, I don't know what to do....

Dear Laura
So sorry to hear about Dad. What an awful outcome.
It is however, some level of life. Probably not as bad for Dad as for you seeing it from the outside. We do go into a state of semi consciousness where we sort of float through the days.

Pleased that he is in a nursing home where he can be given care that is impossible at home.

Please give him my best wishes

Thank you Colin



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