Right Thalamic Stroke

In December last year I had a very small stroke in my Thalamus in the right side of my brain. I was 34 no risk factors and still no known cause. Is there anyone who has experienced the same. My left leg has not been the same since and the sensation in my left hand is different. I wish they had found a cause because I feel really anxious not knowing why it happened.

Hi sorry so long to reply. I had a Thalamic stroke on the left side 6 weeks ago so my right side is affected. The feeling in my leg and arm are as if there is a bandage around them that tightens from time to time. The rest of my side feels strange, tingling yet when I touch it feels normal.
From what I've read there are lots of different factors: weight, high blood pressure, heriditary ...........
Have you had any follow up visits to doctors?

Just curious,but how soon were you folks seen and treated after having the stroke?

I went straight to hospital where. I had a CT scan which showed nothing. Because I did not display standard signs of a stroke, FAST, they were not sure if I'd had a severe migraine or not. I was sent home with aspirin and given an appt for 2 days later at stroke clinic. I had an MRI which showed the Thalamic infarction on left side of brain. Consultant phoned me that night and said to go to own doctor. Next day I was given prescription for clomidogrel

I was told the day after on the ward but it was too late for treatment. Was given Asprin straight away and Actorvastatin. I have a BMI of 20 (normal). Very low blood pressure. No hormonal contraception. Haven't given birth in past 12 months and no one else in my family have had a stroke. It's a mystery!
I have had lots of tests and a few follow ups.

Also interested in where you both live? I'm in west Lothian Scotland.

Chelmsford in Essex.

I live in N Ireland.
Since my stroke i've been interested to know how soon people have been treated versus how well they have recovered.
Obviously the area of the brain (and how badly) affected is the biggest factor,along with all the other variables like age,weight etc.
No two cases are alike.

I have recovered well. At first I couldn't remember who was the prime minister and I could only remember 1 out of the five words they asked me to repeat. Noise really made things difficult to concentrate for example if the radio was on. Equally if other people in the room started talking I couldn't continue to speak, I completely lost my train of thought. I have 4 children which made it very difficult. 9 months on and I am a million miles from where I was however if there is too much going on I feel very overwhelmed and have to leave the room. Occasionally I zone out completely. It's really difficult at work if I'm trying to do a task and someone talks to me. I am very lucky this is all I have to cope with but it does effect me. I think it why I get fatigued. Physically my left leg is weaker and my left arm I still struggle to lift above my arm above my head for more than a few seconds. How was you recovery? Was yours in you Thalamus?

I am feeling very frustrated as I feel the same as the day it happened. At times the feelings in my leg and arm get tighter. I am lucky that I am retired. At the weekend a new thing happened. Similar to Anna I completely zoned out and felt very dizzy. Was in bed most of weekend. Not sure if related to stroke or not.




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