So confused. Please advise

Hello everyone. I feel like I have so much to say I could write an essay but I will keep it simple. And factual.
My father is 72
Had his first stroke last December. Right side effected with paralysis. Everyday he got better with the help of physio.
His hand never fully came back. But was a good as it could be he could pick up a cup etc;
7 weeks ago unbe knowns to me he stopped taking his medication. Clopidogrel,aspirin, , among others for diabetes ect.
Thursday last week he had another stroke.
I visited him that same day and he didn't seem too effected. Both of his arms were mobile and he could draw his legs up to about hip level. (He was kept in his bed)
Every day I see him he has gotten progresseivly worse.
On Saturday his left arm and legs went completely dead. The nurse says it's probably and extension of the stroke. (This has me so confused)
He was eating food yesterday he threw everything up and was put on nil by mouth and a tube was put in his nose to feed him.
Today i visited him now he can barely talk. All I can see is tears on his eyes. He tries to talk but I can't make anything out.
He's very drowsy and looks slightly vegitated.
The nurse says he's like this as he seems to have an infection. They think the cough he has is because a chest infection. But the x-ray was all clear. So how can he be so drowsy and vegitated. because of a chest infection that isn't there.
They told me tonight he is to go for an operation on his carotid arteries as both are 70% blocked. And they are trying to get him in as soon as. Which they will operate on The neck to remove the blockage or widen the artiere.
I just can't understand why this Is happening. Everyday after my dad's last stoke he got better. This time he's just getting worse and worse. I'm so upset and confused.

How unbearable for you. We are not medical people on here, so cannot comment on how and why the second stroke has occurred. All I can say is beg you to be as strong and supportive of Dad as you can be. Take care.

Thank you John. I just can't seem to make sense of anything.the nurses tell me one thing and the doctors tell me another.
I guess I'm hoping someone can give me answers. I don't know. ... Thank you for your reply xx

So sorry to hear about Dad. That's a very confusing trail of events.
Once the (second) stroke is finished then he will start to recover and, overall, things get better and not worse. Perhaps he has, at the moment, other illness which is over riding the stroke stuff.
Clearing the carotids will reduce the chances of further stoke.
Please try to keep yourself fit. You can only do so much. You are a good daughter and that will help Dad with his recovery, having someone who is constant and caring.
Wish I could help more but, as John says, we are just stroke survivors sharing our experiences
Best wishes

Thank you for your reply. They told me yesterday he is deteriorating. His heart beats are constantly in the 90s usually 95 he has a high temperature and there treating him for pneumonia.
They asked me yesterday if I would agree to a DNR. My dad was able to answer himself and said he didn't want resusitating. But I will give them my answer today. I wanted to speak to family first
My heart is just broken. He's got to pull through this. He just has too

Oh dear. So sorry. I wanted DNR but they wouldn't accept my plea. I did start to die, but then I came back. I think things take a pre determined course.
The racing heart sounds bad. But Dads not old and maybe he will get through the pneumonia when they guess the right antibiotics.
Please keep us updated
Bless you all.



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