Strange side affects

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Has anyone else developed any strange side affects from their stroke.
I can no longer hear music in the same way it sounds awful i have also started doing things left handed where i am predominantly right handed. I can also feel cold temperatures quite drastically through touch

Dear Jackatax
I do indeed have strange side effects although none of those that you have listed.
I could not cope with any loud speakers for many months. Then I realized my brain had forgotten how to cope with an echo. Problem then disappeared in a few weeks. Strange effects on ears seem to be common amongst SS.
My best side effect is that migraines (i used to get them frequently) have almost disappeared.
Our brains are busy relearning so much of what we used to do without a thought. It takes a human about 25 years to learn all movements and nuances so we have to allow a good many months for it to re-learn all the stuff damaged by a stroke. I try to get everything to move, I concentrate on things like excess reactions to cold and above all Ii smile a lot. The smiling tells the brain all is OK and it will then get on much better. And I drink lots of water because our brains need fluid.

It is wonderful when one of our defects comes right. Real red letter days !


Thank you colin it has only been a week since my stroke its all still a bit raw but thank you very much for your reply very helpful

Dear Jackatax
Only one week in. I am so sorry to learn of your injury. Please ask anything on here and you will often get good tips from us stroke survivors. Are you still in hospital ?
We are not medically trained, we can however share our experiences. I had immense support and help from others on this forum.
Do keep smiling, it is the best cure of all.
Best wishes

Hiya welcome to the forum. As Colin said issues with noise or changes in what our ears can cope with is one of my side effects. It's improved a great deal over time but still bothers me enough that i have now sought help with it.
I also feel the cold a lot more but put that down to being on blood thinning meds.
One of the weirdest things to happen to me was literally in the blink of an eye about 3 weeks post stroke, i started writing poetry when previously i couldn't even rhyme two lines let alone a whole poem. It was very surreal indeed. xxx

Thank you Rachel that is strange

The sound of my wife’s voice is more annoying than normal, does that count? :-)

One of my major problems is stopping my brain from working! Physically there are shortcomings but my brain and imagination wont stop and this gives me some difficulty with rest and sleep. I keep getting flashbacks to my past life and am reminded about errors I have made, or even worse, dealings with other people where I have come off second best. These are mostly not physical but usually social and have caused me embarrassment.
I have found the only way to overcome them is by just shutting them out and turning my thoughts to more pleasant memories. I did try laughing them off but had limited success with that method!

I get the same thing Deigh, I think we’ve mentioned before when I cold turkeyed my anti depressants I had a list of people that I had problems with and I was intent on settling scores, still get this problem but slightly less likely to act on my impulses. Very frustrating and tiring. Sometimes I just desperately need some peace from my past but don’t know how to find it.

Yes, That's it exactly. Just trying to drop off last night when I recalled a sailing incident that was caused by my son not obeying orders about thirty years ago. It wasn't serious but rather embarrassing. This sort of recollection should be humorous but I ended up rather knotted up about it and the brain would not let it go!
For a long while I put up with this problem not realising that others had it too and it wasn't till I read mail by Colin Fox that it came to light. I must admit that knowing others suffered from it made a lot of difference to my attitude.



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