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Dear Sirs

I am trying to get an answer to a question I was asked whilst running a first aid course recently

I was asked that` If the course of a stroke is on the left side of the brain then this affects the right side of the body, is that true or false, I was also asked if we place a casualty on the injured side would this be the side where the brain has caused the problem or the opposite side`..
Thanks in anticipation

Dave Bateman

Yes, you are correct, the side affected is the opposite to the side of the brain that has been affected. I cant answer the second part.

Opposite side, Dave.
For a first aider the lieing out is secondary, you need to get the patient to hospital fast. Minutes can make a difference.
Hope your course goes well

If you are considering the 'recovery position, then it doesn't matter which side you put the patient. The right hand side is the safest side since most people are right handed, but if the patient was unconscious then you would not know a stroke had occurred, would you?



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