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Hi I had a major stroke in January 2017 I feel a bit of a fraud because its like it didnt happen I was back to work full time in February and driving. I use a stick sometimes but apart from that I look and act normally luckily. The only thing I cant cope with is the PSF getting out of bed every morning is a struggle I know in the great scheme of things with people a lot worse than me this isnt a great problem and life could be a lot worse. Its just that nobody understands I would love for my family and my employers to get in my head /body for a couple of days and see how I see and do things. I have asked to cut my hours but its a no go.

Hi Gloria
Welcome to the forum. Wow what an inspiration you are! I am almost 2.5 years post stroke and can only manage working part time and have not returned to driving as yet.

Is PSF that you refer to, post stroke fatigue? If so i and many others will have a great deal of sympathy with you. It can be very debilitating but does improve with time and in my experience can be managed as long as you get the chance to rest. Unfortunately as in your case it would seem you aren't getting enough rest time.

Has any of your work hours/duties changed at all since returning to work? Most people i know have a phased return and amended duties at least for a short while. Is there an occ. therapist at work that you could speak with about reducing work hours?
Rachel x

Hi Rachel
Thank you for your reply I work for a medium, sized printing firm I am the accounts from filing to VAT,Wages etc initially I did work a bit less but now I am back to what I did and more some days are4 so tiring. We have no HR as such it is just get on with it they have been a little bit understanding that I cant get in fore 8.30 anymore but instead I end up working until 6pm or 6.30 to get the work done. I try and arrive before 9.30 but it really is a struggle it doesnt matter how much I sleep I still want to stay in bed Gloria x

Hi Gloria, I am retired,thank the Lord, but my psf does not go away. It comes on late morning every day and I feel fuddled until I rest. I think it is the hardest thing for a non survivor to understand. I don’t need as much rest now, but I am 19 months on and have to live with it.

Hi John yes I should be I am nearly 63 and have another 3 years to go thanks to the amazing government we have. Mine is mainly getting up whatever used to get me out of bed and moving isnt there anymore. But as you say nobody understands one doctor tried to tell me I was depressed to which I laughed with what I have been through I should be but I am the most undepressed person I know.

Hi Gloria
It sounds like you are dealing with an awful lot at work bless you.

I also find that sleeping doesn't always make fatigue go, as I have found my brain can still be very active when asleep. On occasions I can sleep 9/10 hours and still have it.
Just read your response to John and about antidepressants. The medical profession seem very liberal with them when treating strokes. I had one doctor try to give me some when I had frozen shoulders which was on back of having the stroke . I told him I needed proper treatment and pain relief not antidepressants. I finally got referred to a physio who was wonderful. :-)

Unfortunately I don't have any further advice except that unless you can reduce your working hours then you're possibly going to continue feeling like you do. There really doesn't seem any short cuts with SF I'm afraid.
Rachel x

Hi Rachel and thank you all of you I have asked for a meeting at work to see how they see my future and how I do and see if we can find some middle ground and try and get half a day a week off not enough but something. My fault in a way I was going nuts at home and couldnt wait to come back and feel normal but what is normal?

I empathise with wanting normality, i think a lot of us feels like that; I know i did.
Good luck with the meeting i hope you manage to get something sorted with time off . Got fingers crossed for you. x



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