Timeframe for recovery

My mother in law had a brain bleed 4 days ago( second one in 8 months and bigger than the last).
She was admitted to hospital soon after and was still talking/eating 12 hours later the brain scan showed the bleed (another scan 48hours later showed no further change)
But she is basically laying in hospital not really responding, she’ll answer if you call her name but doesn’t fully open her eyes and she’s back to ‘sleep’ straight away. The right side is looking very affected . The doctor says there’s no change they’ve stabilised blood pressure and diabetes and we just have to wait.
My question is (and I know no one knows for sure!) how long would an improvement in consciousness start to show?? Surely there would start to be a gradual improvement by now ??
Obviously if the doctors already thought it was unlikely she’ll improve they may not say anything yet but how long does she need to be like this before they say ‘this looks permanent’
I previously worked in a nursing home for 7 years so I know there are things the staff ‘know’based on experience but don’t tell the families .
Thank you

Dear Fiona
Sorry to hear about your husbands Mum.
Every stroke is different, so the Doctors are on a hiding to nothing if they try to estimate.
It is very early days for her. We do have long periods when we need sleep to allow our brains to recover. Stroke recovery is slow, very slow.
I wish I could be informative, but I am not sure anyone knows. If I were in your shoes I would think in terms of six weeks, but thats just me and my limited observations, it does seem that about six weeks is a typical stage of recovery. I do hope she starts her journey to recovery soon,



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