Two Hemorrhagic Strokes in 3 months - is there hope?

My lovely partner of 10 years suffered a Hemorrhagic stroke in July. He has a weak left side as a result and after a few weeks of rehab was starting to stand assisted, eat mushy food and talk well. He did so remarkably well. A cruel twist of fate last Friday and he had another stroke - this time on the opposite side of the brain and we have been told the outcome is that he will have a weak right side now - be bed bound and on a feeding tube. While I accept that this could be the outcome is there anyone out there who has ever experienced this, survivied and had a positive outcome. My heart is breaking for him as he will be crushed when he comes out of unconsciouness as he found it hard to take even with one weak side. Please if anyone has an advice, or hope, please let me know - I need to give him some hope - will he ever come home again. Thank you :(

Hi there. I have no experience of this, buthave thought a lot about your post since reading it. If it were me in his situation I would experience a major knock back. However, I would still try to get movement back and would fight on. I would also wants of love, which I am sure you will give him. Thinking of you.

Dear Fretwell
So sorry to hear that your partner has had a second stroke. Like John, I have been thinking about you and what I can say to comfort you.
Many people do not survive the first few days and your partner has survived. So he, like many of us on this forum, is a special person. He has been chosen to live through a stroke. And he is doubly special because its happened twice.

I read a book "My stroke of insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor. She had the most massive stroke. And has made a very good recovery.

Our brains are amazing. They seem to repair themselves over time (neuroplasticity) by working around the damaged areas.
So there is hope. I doubt that he will be too crushed at first, I wasn't too aware of what was going on. I was up and walking and home before the enormity hit me.

Doctors have to explain the worst scenarios, otherwise they might get sued .

Thinking of you lots

My heart goes out to you both. I also had two strokes last year the second 3 months after the first.The first was hemorrhagic, the second affected my cerrabellum which also affected the left side again
(so lucky I suppose, but the second has caused permanent dizziness, and a drunk feeling (not the nice bit ! )I feel lucky that I can walk (well wobbly) and am trying all the physio thrown at me. I just want to send you my best wishes for the future. Your partner improved after the first stroke, so with your support and love may do so again.



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