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Hi!, I'm new here, but have been looking after my husband for 9.5 years.
He had a big ischaemic stroke affecting 3rd of his brain following surgery. He can walk ( sheer determination) but communication is difficult due to Aphasia . I am now experiencing regular migraine which I am sure is due to us constantly speaking different languages, my head swirls when trying to translate his speech and help him to understand mine.
Its tough for both of us, not all doom and gloom though as we have a laugh along the way.
Today I decided to reach out and ask how others in a similar position handle this problem?

Dear Sheils
First things first. Please award yourself a gold medal for sticking with one of us for 9years.
Carers need to be cared for.
If you are unfit then you cant help hubby. So we need to care for you.
I insist that my wife has two hours every day away from me. And plenty of half days out, at her choice. And four days every month when she stays away.
This part of rural Essex is not covered by the stroke association but the local voluntary group have weekly get togethers for carers and they also have days out.

Can I suggest you have relaxation classes. Or if you prefer then have yoga or meditation.

As you can guess, I am pushing you to ease the pressure on you. This will be the best way of minimizing migraines. I trust and assume you have consulted your GP.

Finally, I found that aspirin, taken the instant that the first sign of migraine appears, preferably taken with milk, is the best cure for a migraine. Probably cure is not the right word, but it does ease the effects and help the migraine run its course more quickly. If you can sit or lie down for a while then even better.
Migraines once terrorized my life, not any more. There are many types of migraine so don't take my words too literally.

Thank you for this lovely reply Colin and your suggestions.
Sadly, due to his brain damage, hubby is not aware that I need a break, but recently I do feel the need for a couple of days away.
GP is aware, and also recommends a break.



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