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My husband had a stroke in May this year he needed immediate surgery and has been left with total paralysis of the left hand side including his side (cant spell it) vision. He also sufferes with toilet issues. He was in in hospital for a month and a rehabilitation unit until two days ago. I was given the choice of moving him into a care home or taking him home. A care package was agreed and put out to tender but no one could fill it so I have had to bring him home with no care package just me until someone can fill it. Is there anything I can do to help fill the care package or anyone I can turn to to help. We are not in a position to fund it ourselves he does not qualify for health funding only social funding. I am struggling and could do with advice as to where to turn. Thank you for listening

Hi Sue. Sorry to hear of your husband's stroke and your current dilemma. Please phone the Stroke Association's helpline or contact Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Hello Sue,
I have just seen your message about your husband.
In addition to the excellent information given by John there is another local organisation who will be able to help you, which is your local Carers Centre. They should be an excellent source of information and advice, including access to any carer- and dependent-related benefits, etc. and also advice on dealing with your local social services department. You can find your local Carers Centre via the following link:
Hope this helps,

Hello stepsue,

Welcome to the Forum. None of us are medical professionals but many of us are stroke Survivors or carers.

It's an understatement to say that Stroke can have an Enormous impact upon Survivors, Carers and their families.Other chronic conditions can too. Stroke happens literally 'at a Stroke' and can kill or require nursing care for life.

Your Husband thankfully isn't in these latter categories but remember that Stroke is a progressive condition: Survivors can and do recover. In some cases significantly. I'm on of them: I had all of your Husbands deficits (and others) in 2010. Today I walk unaided, work full time, commute to and from work, live alone and travel internationally.

The lack of a care package is scandalous. You really should see your local citizens advice bureau or ask to both visit your MP. The excuse given to you is not acceptable by any definition.

I also suggest you get in touch with the Stroke Association. Their community groups are useful for survivors and carers alike. Talking with others who have been exactly in your situation can be helpful to you both, as can being exposed to people who have stayed positive and had a good outcome.

This is a very difficult situation, of course but, after volunteering for the Stroke Association for several years I will say it is rare for survivors to have no recovery over the course of time.

With the right support and attitudes you can both get through this.

Take care now,


Hello stepsue, Getting help after a stroke is a minefield and what Eurocracy says about seeking help is good advice.

You should be getting some help from DWP however it is early days If your husband had a stroke in May this year and long term help takes awhile to kick in as your husband may, and we hope he does, makes a full recovery.

I only came to this site yesterday so not sure of its workings yet but reading threads here and there it seems this site is more for stroke talk and recovery for and from victims and their nearest and dearest, and very good it is too, but I don’t think, other than may be the “support” section it has a section dedicated to benefit help from those in authority so apart Eurocracy advice for Citizens Advice Bureau I can recommend a site called “” that is used by disabled folk (regardless how they became disabled) like myself and their carers alike for allsorts including help and experiences with claiming benefits and getting help.

Note though the site is undergoing an upgrade at the moment and I think their having problems with it so expect a few 404 Page not Available pages from time to time or “server down” notices. Yesterday the new registrations part of the site was down but bear with it if you can because I’m sure you will find some pointers there under the “benefits” section.

Early days for you but were all hoping a good recovery for your husband.



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