i need help

Hi my mum being 80 years old had two major surgery on her stomach ,all went well,and a month later while i was visiting she had a stroke in front of me.In hospital the drs say she had a major bleed on her brain ,6 days later she still in there,asleep only her hand grips,now today that has got weaker. The Drs suggests we take her home,but we will find this difficult as my dad being 81 they still look after my handicapped brother,i don't know what to do next

you poor soul i can't imagine what you are going through does your brother have care /support through adult social services. they should be able to get help for your father but the hospital should arrange a care package for your mother before sending her home. there are many things to take into account. where will she sleep her personal needs it seems that she still requires nursing care have they talked about nursing home placement. I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself I am rae 64yrs I had a stroke 18 months ago. I was in hospital for two months and was sent home with a care package however I was able to walk with a quad stick so could manage the loo. I also slept downstairs until various aids were put into place to help with moving upstairs.I would stand your ground at the hospital .talk to them about continuing care nursing care not social care.age UK can be helpful or cab they usually have trained staff who may be able to help with this dilemma. I wish you good luck and good health to your family.raeofsunshine.in the meantime take good care of yourself.

Thank you Rae ,those words were very comforting



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