Lasting power of attorney

My Dad had an ischaemic stroke last week. I want to find out applying for lasting power of attorney (thankfully his speech and comprehension hasn't been affected).

Some people say option will cost about £600 to set up, but when I look at the government website it looks like I can do it myself at a much lower cost. Anyone got any experience please?

Reddy, You can do it all yourself and simply pay the registration costs. You can download the forms from Gov. U.K. Google 'lasting power of attorney'

Dear Reddy
Its Dad that applies, not you. You can not "lead" Dad and whilst he is in the early stages of stroke recovery you are playing with a potential fire.Do read up a lot, there is a lot more to POAs than meets the eye.
A lot more.
Get professional advice.

Sorry to hear that Dads had a stroke, do wish him well from me.


Reddy, I had a stroke a year ago and it gave me a wake up call on sorting my personal affairs. I did an up to date will using a local solicitor. He recommended the do it yourself approach to LPA using the government website and my wife and I immediately put in place Financial and Health LPAs.

It was simplicity itself using the website. There is a fee for registering with the Court of Protection which you might as well do. You have to pay this fee whether you do it yourself or if you use a solicitor. But honestly, there really is no need to use a solicitor. It is a tick box exercise with clear explanations of the process. All you really have to do is decide who to empower. In our case my wife and I each nominated each other as attorneys, as well as our two adult children. There is a huge peace of mind knowing it has all been done and I thoroughly recommend everyone doing this. After all none of us knows when we might have a life changing exent such as a stroke or a car accident. It it much much harder to sort this stuff out in advance.

Thank you all



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