Paying for a carer

Hi my mam has recently had a stroke and we were just wondering if you have to pay for a carer to come out to help with physio etc once in a while or is it provided by the NHS? She has savings tucked away so we weren't sure if this would go against her and she would have to pay. Me and my sisters will be there to help her when ymher husband will be at work but for physio and rehabilitation etc we weren't sure how it will work. Thank you

Please contact Citizens Advice or Age Uk. They will know the issues inside out.

Hello Amo,

When your mum was discharged from hospital she may have been referred to your local NHS physio services for continuing rehabilitation at home. If you and/or your mum do not know whether this happened it would be best for your mum to check with her GP, and if this has not been done do not be afraid to ask for an urgent referral.

As regards any other help your mum and family may be entitled to it is best to contact your local Carers Centre who can help. The following link helps you to find your local Carers Centre:
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