what can we expect from hospital to home

Hi could anyone help please my father in law is due to be discharged from hospital on Tuesday , we have been told there is no medical need for him to stay as he can now wash shave and dress himself , but his condition mentally changeds on a daily basis , his wife is elderly 83 he is 85, and when she visited him yesterday she was adamant that she would be unable to control him and keep him safe (don't mean that in a bad way) as she is unsteady on her feet and unfortunately we don't live close by to help her , I know their are people worse off than then but just want to know does she have a right to say she couldn't cope and what other options are there , there has been no meeting with his doctors in the hospital as they always seem to be in meetings, and we just feel a bit helpless any help or suggestions please thanks

Could you contact Social Services maybe they could give you advice? It does seem unreasonable to expect them to cope without support!

Thank you Peter hadn't thought of that will try that

I live in Worcestershire and we have a Community Stroke Team which gives six weeks support to the more able on discharge and those less able have carers in up to four times a day. It might be worth phoning the Stroke Association helpline as well.

John, thank you very much we will look into that and see what is available in the area

I see you have received some good advice.
If you get no response from your Social Services dept another organisation who should be able to help you is your local Carers Centre, who can advise you on your family's rights as to what you are entitled to from both the NHS and Social Services. They can also act on your behalf.
Given that your father in law is still in hospital you are in a stronger position than if he was already discharged, and so I would contact them urgently. You can find your local Carers Centre at the following link: https://carers.org/section/help-advice.
Hope this helps,

Paco thank you very much for that we will look into that while he is still in hospital , so grateful to everyone who has given us suggestions Jill

Hi ,follow all of the above advise,which will give you the support you need.Also determind from the Hospital whether he has capacity to make his own decisions.If not ,a best interest decision needs to be made,and a discharge planning meeting is needed.

After I had my stroke we had the intermediate care team come in, they are a massive team of physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists and many more. They came out to me the same day I went home from hospital and brought equipment I needed and arranged carers to come in while my partner was at work etc. It was a few years ago now though.



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