What do I need to do

Dad had a stroke 3 weeks ago still in hospital lost his speach I have a lot of health problems my self 24 years old and I have no idea what I need to do please someone help what do I need to take care off for him is there certain things I should be doing

Thank you. Tia

Hi Tia. Sorry to hear about Dad. At the moment he is in the right place and getting treatment. Just visit and encourage him all you can. Talk to the medical staff there about what the next step in his treatment will be. Three weeks is very early on in his recovery process, but he has survived. Look after yourself too. I hope all goes well for you both.

Dear Tia
Being there for him is the best thing you can do. I didn't want conversation, it was too much for my damaged brain to tolerate, but it was great that my wife would sit with me, read, go for coffee and for lunch. She was of practical use for reaching my bedside cabinets etc and for checking where I was with progress etc. and clean PJs.
Perhaps you could help Dad to carry out any exercises that have been prescribed by the physio. Generally, at three weeks, we just want to sleep. Stroke recovery is another world. The time scale is enormous and that's hard on carers and people who care. You should pace yourself.
One little thing, perhaps you could write a stroke diary, indicating what Dad can do at each visit. I have kept a stroke diary and find it very useful.
I am so sorry for you, and for Dad.Its a cruel illness.



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