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MRI confirmed I had an Ischemic Stroke and as my mobility was good OT put me under the care of an Early Supported Discharge Stroke Service. The consultant wanted an 24 hr tape monitor test done before discharge but as it was a Friday decided it could be done as an outpatient.
I have now received the appointment, for 8th November!
Am I right to be concerned, I thought this test was urgent, that I was at risk of having an irrelgular heart beat which could lead to further strokes. I was expecting an appointment almost immediately.
Have phoned the cardiac unit who say its not urgent and would need to speak to the stroke secretary. The stroke secretary said I would not have been discharged if it was urgent and that 4 weeks was good and then referred me back to the cardiac unit.
Am I right to feel anxious about this, I want to phone the consultant and say their has been a mistake, or am I panicking over nothing - the stroke has left my emotional state in complete turmoil where everything is anxiety provoking so I don't know if I am over-reacting.
Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you

Dear Niki
One of the effects of stroke is to mess with your emotions. An unreasonable fear of another stroke is common. Although I did not get anxious for some months in to recovery, anxiety is another one of the delights to come with a stroke. So yes you are panicking when perhaps there is no rational reason to panic. Shame your poor injured brain cant understand this.

Good mobility after stroke is a double edged sword. Yes its great to walk etc and who would want paralysis rather than mobility. But it does leave the cognitive and mental side of matters a bit isolated. You are still seriously unwell. Let your brain recover. Give it the best chance to repair itself. Try to relax, use relaxation techniques.

Most of us do not anticipate a stroke. It comes totally out of the blue. So we can either ruin our lives worrying about the next highly unlikely stroke or we can say thank you, I survived, now I will get my brain to repair itself.

I know all this is easy to say and hard to do. But do try your best.

Best wishes

Very wise worgs of advice from Colin. Try and smile through the tears and when you start to panic sit back and smile. It has a calming effect and lets you put thingsin a different perspective. You are on meds, they alone are enough to prevent most strokes in the short term so do not worry. More chance of getting hit by a Police car.....Actually, the way they drive Much more chance

Hi niki I understand how you are feeling very well but listen to the good advice of others, that is helping me so much. I am going for a 24hr ECG monitor in two weeks I do have Atrial Fibrilation. This morning it was very fast but it slows down after a few minutes. I think mine was after my fall yesterday or maybe it's got a mind of its own and just goes fast. I have have had to wait 4 weeks for my appt. having to be patient is so hard when you feel scared of another stroke. I hope you get good support from your family too. Try and stay calm but I know it's hard, I think something is going to happen but being on this forum has, in just short time given me hope, to be positive try to stop the worrying and stress. Look on the bright side we will get better but it may take a while. Chin up, I understand you Niki. Daisy x



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