37 Possible TIA

So the other week I was eating dinner and watching a film, and apparently sat upright and just froze. I dropped the plate I was holding, my right arm went into spasm and my other half was apparently talking to me and I just was not there at all.

After about 30 seconds, I started to talk but it left me with a massive headache and my right arm was aching. I went to lay on the bed and phoned NHS direct who advised me to go straight to the out of hours centre round the corner.

They asked a lot of questions and I had to get my other half in, because we had started to watch 1 film which I remember, however don't remember finishing that and I dont remember starting the 2nd film.

They have given asprin and have referred me to the Rapid Access Clinic but I am still waiting for an appointment. I still dont feel right, and have spaced out a few times since but dont want to panic my other half.

The doctors when i spoke to them said that it could be a number of things which hasnt helped because I would prefer to know what is going on, they said they will probably treat it as a TIA.

I don't really know who to turn too because i dont want my other half worrying and I don't exactly know if things i am experiencing are cause for concern.

Hi Iain, None of us are doctors on here, but you have clearly had a frightening experience. Has your blood pressure been checked? Are you on any other medication. Until you get your appointment, it might be worth assessing your lifestyle, especially any potential stress risks and your diet. Your rapid access appointment doesn’t sound very rapid if you are still waiting. Hope all goes well for you.

Hi, I'm brand new here too and had a similar experience just this week. You should be seen by TIA clinic within 48 hours according to NICE guidelines. I would bother your GP about it to get the referral asap.



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