5 day ecg

Hi all.

My doctor had ordered a 5 day ecg as part of the journey to discover what caused my strokes last month. I'm wondering how much being hooked up to the machine will get in the way of everyday life. I am back in the office this week (on light duties and flexible hours) and I'm thinking is it uncomfortable when you are stood in a packed train? Or when driving (which I can start doing next week!)?

Surely it's just a few sensor pads stuck to the body and a small device that can positioned in such a way as to not cause discomfort.

It'll be a portable version...not the big gizmo that sits beside a hospital bed.

Hi if it's the one with the sticky pads and little transmitter thing then it's perfectly portable. The only thing i would say is the sticky pads can be a bit irritating in hot weather. I wore one for 5 days and was working some of the time. No-one had a clue apart from my hubby and bosses who knew about the hospital apps to have it fitted and removed.
Good luck x

If it is the 5-day event recorder, then it is just two sticky pads and a small device that clips onto them. You can take the device off to shower but must keep it on the rest of the time. I didn't find my one too bad, until it came to take the sticky pads off anyway.



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