My mum's stroke

Hello all.

I just wanted to tell you my mums story. I'd like to know if anyone has a similar story and how it panned out. Two weeks ago today my mum had multiple strokes in one "event". I found her on the bathroom floor, she lives on her own. We also found out she has a bengin mass called ependymoma fourth ventricle. Her stroke has affected her right side of her body. Her right arm is like a dead weight, which has pulled on her shoulder so there's a "gap" there now but not "broken". Working on her hand, legs and speech myself when visiting. (doing exercise physio suggested and speech) Her speech is slurred. She's just started walking using a frame, resting her right arm on the frame. Has anyone else had problems with arms? Did they work again? I assume the brain has stopped communication with the right arm as hoping it finds a path to make it work again. Strangely when mum moves her left hand, her thumb and index finger on her right hand moves!! The mass is another waiting game, waiting to hear back from an another hospital who specialises in brain surgery and whether it's worth operating, at least it's benign. Everything was quick and moving onwards at previous hospital but now in rehab seems at stand still. Just wondered how long everyone had stayed in rehab?

Sorry for long essay, writing on here out loud helps me and would be greatful of any response,


Lucy, Very sorry to hear of Mum’s strokes. Strokes are unique to the individual, but there are common issues. My stroke was eighteen months ago and, at first I could not stand or walk. My left arm and hand were useless. Like your Mum, I learnt to stand and walk with a frame and then I graduated to a stick. I had a lot of physio on leg and arm and was told to utilise my hand as much as possible. Recovery,however, takes a long time. I can now use thevweak hand quite a lot. I can use it when peeling apples and potatoes and to fold clothes. The hand and arm still jerk when tired, but I have good finger movement. The hand lacks sensitivity though and the muscles round my left shoulder are tight. I think what I am saying is that improvement comes with time and effort, but at quite a slow rate. Encourage Mum all you can. I am sure there are better days ahead.

Thank you John, that is encouraging. Sorry to hear about your stroke too. I will report this back to mum. Can I ask in terms of back to work? Have you or going to return? Im just panicking as she has mortgage and bills still to pay etc. Im attempting to apply for personal independence claim as mum was due to start new job week of stroke so wasnt officially employed yet. All these extra worries. How long were you in hospital for? She's in rehabilitation at hospital now.

Sorry 20 questions!!

Thanks again ☺️

In hospital for two weeks on a stroke ward then four weeks on a rehab ward. Had six weeks physio at home from the Community Stroke Team. I am retired, so going back to work was not an issue. The Stroke Association can help with benefit applications, so do contact the helpline. I found the worst after effect was post stroke fatigue. I still have to rest every afternoon. Other will advise about back to work issues. Just encourage Mum all you can. It’s a tough road ahead but it isn’t all doom and gloom. Mum is alive, although she will have to accept that she is a new person now, not the old Mum that she was before the stroke.

Dear Lucy
Sorry to hear of Mums stroke.
John has given good advice.
I confirm that things improve, and the fact Mum has some movement in the right hand is a very good sign.
There is often quicker recovery during the first six weeks then its a bit slower after that, so it is very desirable that Mum does her physio. I did mine three times over.
Returning to work in three months is unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely. Nine months might be a better target. Stroke recovery is slow slow slow.
Besyt wishes and say hello to Mum



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