My sister has passed away

Hello, my sister has passed away due to a cva, she had blood from her nose and mouth so I'm guessing a ruptured blood vessel. My younger sister has gone to the doctors and he has told her that due to the females in the family suffering migraines it's hereditary and we should all get MRI scans and go on medication. I don't believe she told him that blood was present and death certificate only states cva. I've told her it isn't gender related due to headaches or hereditary but other factors can contribute therefore I'm not getting a MRI and now she's mad at me! Please help

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Grief does funny things. Your other sister just wants to keep you safe.

If all women who had migraines were susceptible then they'd offer the scans as standard.

I'm not medically trained, so if you're concerned speak to your GP. If you aren't concerned and don't want a scan anyway then just leave it. It's not up to your sister it's up to you.



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