So I've got a hole in my heart....

Eventually I've found out the probable cause of my stroke was because I've got a hole in my heart. Apparently as babies when we are in the womb we have this hole/valve to breathe instead of using our lungs, this valve is supposed to seal shut but apparently 1 in 4 people the valve doesn't seal. So that's quite a lot of people that have holes in their heart. And that is the most probable cause of why I had a stroke in April, anyone else on the forum had the same problem? I remember the nice young lady that posted recently had the same problem as well, in a way I'm glad they have found the cause and now hopefully find a solution but I didn't really want to have a hole in my heart either!

Hope all goes well for you Joe.

Hi Joe
It was first thought that i had a hole in the heart. I had a bubble echocardiogram to obtain definitive results on the diagnosis and it turned out to not be the case/cause of the stroke.

I was told however that it can be treated very efficiently by keyhole surgery or medication depending on the size.

It's amazing what they can do these days and i hope all goes well with what ever treatment you receive.

Rachel x

Hi, I also found out I have a hole in the heart. The consultant is reluctant at this stage to say that's why I had a stroke and have been referred for more tests. Apparently the jury is out on whether or not a PFO causes stroke. I had my stroke in March this year and recently moved out of the area so having to start again in terms of finding the cause. So I'm still waiting to find out why it happened but have been referred to cardiology for tests and if it is found to be the cause then the conversation will be whether or not to close it or take medication, we will see.

Hello, yes it was the bubble echo I had as well, i would like to have the surgery to seal the hole but my consultant seemed to think that due to NHS cuts in funding that it might not be available, which was a bit of a worry, I was amazed to learn I had a hole its never held me back doing anything before I had the stroke, I used to be super fit and never had any inclination that anything could be wrong with my heart.

Hi Joe, just like yourself after my stroke a bubble echo that confirmed a PFO. Upon this I went private to see a cardiac consultant who performed a TOE (transoesophageal echocardiogram) and agreed with the PFO diagnosis but then went on to say that there still isn't a consensus in the profession that it is necessary to close such "holes" and that it could cause more problems than what it would fix. I was pretty stunned by what he said but upon reflection being seen privately the whole NHS lacking funds argument couldn't be the reason as to why he felt I did not need the procedure.

Hi Andy, like myself you are relatively young and because in theory there is nothing else they can find wrong with me I thought that was why they seemed to think the pfo was the reason for my stroke, I'm not sure what to think now I'd like the hole sealed really if I could get it done on the NHS and I'd even consider paying for it privately although I don't know what that would cost?

I think in the end mine was just noted as a cryptographic stroke so no such joys of pinning it to any underlying issue. Push for getting it done if you really want it, plus every consultant will have a different outlook on the pfo and individual cases. I'm really not sure I'm afraid, I only went private as Im covered through work however I doubt it'd be cheap?

Which medication would be used for this?

I'm on clopidogrel and atorvastatin at the moment since I've been discharged from hospital I'm not sure whether this is likely to change now having found the pfo.




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