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Hi there everyone. I posted here before but basically my mum is 47, and she suffered a brain haemorrhage back in March. She had an outpatient MRI once she was discharged as at the time the doctors couldn't see the source of the bleed.

So my mum couldn't tolerate being in the MRI machine, so she received another appointment for a CT. She had that on Wednesday, received a call today saying that her Doctor at the hospital had an appointment available for Monday coming.

My mum is panicking because she thinks the appointment is really quick. I've tried to reassure her that maybe the doctor just had that appointment time ready. Now I'm getting myself all worried too (but hiding it from Mum obviously!) I've read all possibly causes of a brain haemorrhage, and I'm terrified for her. The doctors at the hospital said this could have just been a freaky thing that happened for no reason, but I don't know what to think.

If anyone could offer any reassurance, it'd be much appreciated! Mum is doing okay, she just gets wobbly at time, I'm going between feeling very blessed and lucky and feeling so angry that this happened to her.

Hi Amanda really feel for you and can understand yours and mum's concerns. As you say it could be that there was a free appointment, a cancellation maybe. You're not waiting weeks for follow up appointment which could be equally as worrying and if it is something serious at least they're likely to deal with it quickly.

Unfortunately I don't think anyone on here can give you conclusive reassurance on mum's health because no two strokes are the same.
Sometimes they can't find reasons for strokes. Like with me. The assumption but not conclusive diagnosis was it was high BP coupled with that I'd been using a cross trainer for a few weeks prior to the stroke and I was told to get rid of it.

In the time since mum had the stroke if she has been making progress I would take that as being very positive. The most recovery is made in the first few weeks/months after a stroke.

Sorry if I've not been very helpful but please let us know how you get on with the appointment. I'll be thinking about you.
Rachel x

Hi Rachel, thank you very much for the reply. I think we just have to wait and see as you said. My mum didn't really lose much as a result of her stroke, she wobbles a little bit occasionally and has difficulties with her confidence. But we were very fortunate in that sense.

Thank you very much again, I'll pop back here when we found out what actually happened.

Dear Amanda
There is no clue as to why a stroke bit me. And I try to accept that. Its happened and I must recover as best I can. Being sensible to avoid a future stroke is more relevant. And I am determined not to go overboard on that score.

I don't like being in the MRi machines. I am pretty short sighted and of course I have to leave my glasses off, but I close my eyes throughout the procedure. Two of the MRi machines that were used, had mirrors which gave an impression of being open. The last one was old (now redundant) and was more enclosed. And didn't have any music !. But hat one has been replaced by two brand new MRi machines . They don't seem to enclose you at all. I want to find someone who has actually been on these new machines, but they must be pretty OK.
Hope all goes well next week


Hey Colin, thank you. It's comforting (!) hearing it's possible for this to happen for no reason.

They tried the mirror thing with her, but she still couldn't do it. Just hope the CT will be accurate enough for us to know what went on. I'd heard the new MRI machines are so much more open, but unfortunately the one our local hospital had was really enclosed.

Thank you for your well wishes, I'm hoping so too.



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