Two weeks since the stroke - can anyone help?

Hello, my father had a stroke 2 weeks ago today and I'm after some information. He is 83 and so far has not been able to get out of bed without two physiotherapists or occupational therapists. How can I find out what to expect next? Will he come home like that? Is there more we should be doing? The hospital is great, but I don't live nearby and am trying to support my mum and find out what's going on. Any help from anyone out there? Thanks!

I would try to speak to somene at the hospital. Sometimes it's easier to phone, as physically stopping people when they are in the throws of business is quite a challenge. it is hard though, as often people can't tell you what will happen with stroke, as it's simply unknown. My Mim has had a massive stroke and then a mini stroke and is a similar age to your Dad. Mum has to be hoisted out of bed, so to me it sounds like your Dad isn't doing badly. All the best. I know how hard it can be emotionally.

Hi, Can only speak from my experience. I was in hospital for 6weeks, and was basically bed ridden. Was only moved by ateam of 2on a rötor stand. Once i was physically strong enough, physio's began testing to see what movement i had in arm and leg. Was then moved to a nursing Home to continue rehab for a further5 weeks. im now on Week4 of being Home, and rehab is still ongoing. Its a lengthy, difficult road to recovery. Every one has a different recovery rate through, speak to the team to see what their rehab plan is.



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