Is 3 weeks after a stroke a predictor for stroke rehabilitation?

My mum had a left sided stroke 3 weeks ago and I got told today that her cognitive skills aren't improving and that she is unlikely to improve much and will need 24 hour care. When my mum is tired she definitely doesn't perform as well, however when she's not tired I have seen her use the toilet appropriately, brush her teeth, get dressed (even turning a top from inside out when she has taken it off and fold it neatly) and talk coherently. They are saying she can't wash and dress herself and follow instructions. Also that she isn't retaining information, however she is constantly recounting things that have happened during her stay in hospital (although not always clearly). Should I accept the opinion of these professionals?

Hi Worried. None of us are medically qualified and can only speak from our own experienced. I did not improve much in my first three weeks, but could speak and understand all that was said to me. A lot of the time,however, people’s words washed over me. However, once I started on physio things began improving and continued from then on. Have you discussed your observations regarding your Mum with the medical team. Is it worth getting someone to be with you when Mum is acting positively? Strokes are very individual and people progress at different rates. Thinking of you both and wishing you both well.

Thanks John for your reply it's lovely to hear from someone doing well after a stroke. I have told them some of what I have seen but their attitude was that it was intermittent and not enough to form a judgement of rehabilitation. I felt that I was given a harsh and quite brutal opinion of what the future entails without really giving her a chance. My mum saw me speaking to them and asked what they had said, I couldn't tell her the cold truth so just said that she needed to work on her speech and language therapy and physio more. She responded by saying she was determined to get better. She was hoping that they were going to say she would be going home. I feel so upset for her and really hope she can prove them wrong.

hi Worried, I would say ignore the experts! Three weeks is far too short a time to come to any conclusions. In the very early stages recovery does not seem to be possible at all. Gradually one gets to grips with the many problems and finds that in most cases they are manageable. Please keep in contact and let us know in a week or two how much progress has been made.

Thanks Deigh for your reply that is very encouraging. We have a meeting with the Doctors early next week so will see what they say and hopefully she has improved more by then.



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