Amusing behaviours after stroke?

Just read deighs thread where he likened his washing habits to a black bird splashing around, which tickled me. Does anyone else have any amusing stuff going on ? I find my little twitches and spasms quite funny, I guess in a dark sort of way I think it's funny to be twitching like an insane person! Also I'm always leaving the kitchen bin open which drives my wife mad obviously I blame the stroke and milk it a bit. Although she got her own back on me today and cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and put the cereals and jars in the wrong places, they have their own places and have done for some time but now she has changed it all and my odd little mind is struggling to deal with this change, like it's a big thing and I'm struggling to digest the information THE CEREALS ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE, how can this happen lol

As you know, the first time I changed a duvet cover, I fell in it. After my cataract was done a fortnight ago, I had to keep soap out of my eyes. To deal with this, I took the shower off its holder to use it manually. I kept trying to put it in positions that were down low. The consequence was spurts of hot water up the backside!

Mytwitches have mostly gone, but I still have had he occasional one in the weak leg. Laughter,however, is a good medicine. PS The old ladies at my strength and balance class tell me my walking is much improved. We do senior aerobics, but I look a bit like a geriatric chorus boy and my arms and legs will not work together. For every two steps to the left they do, I am one step behind them. Happy days!

Laughter and having a sense of humour is essential, I'm working with a guy who had a heart attack last year and obviously I had a stroke so we tease each other and have humorously suggested buying one of those defibrillator zapper things in case one of us has a funny turn.

Joe, it might cheer you to know that I have just attempted to carry a muffin on a plate in each hand. My weak hand must have thought this was a new competition, because, almost immediately, it threw the muffin off the plate back onto the table!

The change of washing habit is working well. Collars seem better already. The downside was that Valerie asked me, rather concerned, whether I had forgotten to wash yesterday because she found the bathroom suspiciously dry!

Lol :-)

I have what I think is called associated movements, when im very tired and yawn my bad arm rises even when I couldnt move it on my own, amusing at first but annoying when trying to sleep

My partner lifts his arm when he yawns in fact I would purposely yawn when i discovered it to make him yawn too as my own personal physio.

My partner has started yawning a lot (post stroke) and sometimes when he yawns his right hand opens and closes! We view this as hope he will be able to use his right hand again as at the moment , if he concentrates he can grip but then has difficulty opening his hand back out. I wish you a continued recovery Dave :)

Hi Emma,
I also look at it as the muscles are still working, even if the brain part hasnt rewired around it yet.
Check out my fes and botox threads, I think they may be of use to your partner. I also cant open hand but fes makes it happen by "shocking" the right nerves and both the fes and botox help with the cramps.
All the best to you and partner.
Also ask phisio about "GRASP" its a Canadian hand and arm program
Take care




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