Another milestone

Have just walked very slowly to the local shop and back, the first time I have done so in eighteen months. I planned to do this last night having watched the hundred year old drivers. It has brought on a sense of fatigue and I suspect this is what post stroke fatigue is all about- the brain effort needed to meet challenges.

Well done John. And thanks for sharing the positives, it is good to hear about the good bits.
I have often thought that the fatigue sets in when just getting ready to go somewhere. However, I had imagined this was just my nervous self. Perhaps not ! I might be able to do more stuff by getting ready in advance

A nice little victory John! Well done mate

Thank you Colin and Joe. I realised that I had got into a comfortable routine....same shortbwalk every day, same pattern to the day.....needed to stretch myself again. Like all my challenges, it had to be thought through.....pace, possible resting places, phone for any potential emergency. However, without challenges, none of us can move forward.

Nice one John Jeff. Outside of the Stroke Community that may sound unremarkable but it's an Everest that you climbed.

I agree about post stroke fatigue: mine has improved over time. The dead part of your brain is, well, dead and neural pathways have formed in the surrounding brain. They have to do their normal work, plus extra work as well, a sort of "Overdrive". It's amazing that it even works at all.

Onwards and Upwards!


Hi john,
Well done, I have just moved to walking back from the cafe after months of only being able to walk one way, ok its in ~100yard chunks and I plan my route to include the most low walls I can sit and rest on.
I dont suffer mental fatigue too much but suffer for a few days after with my legs
Take care

Well done Dave! Improvement comes slowly, but it does come. Today, I couldn't have my afternoon nap, but managed. My partner and I visited an NGS garden some distance away. Managed to walk around, but the paths were mostly gravel, which I find difficult. My stick tends to sink into the gravel and it feels loose under my feet. A lot, of course, is to do with confidence. I tend to keep the stick because it gives me a sense of security. But never mind me....well done you!

Hello John, you are so wise planning your recovery etc I am unable to walk very far yet so get frustrated with my weakness, fatigue dizziness and my head etc and I don't seem to be moving on as I would like too. There are some days when I feel worse than when I left hospital. I told Dr this but don't seem to do anything. I wonder if my body doesn't like Clopidogrel I get short of breath too. I did make it to the club but am paying the price fatigue weakness and like periphial neuropathy nerve pain in my legs. A bit of a moan there, sorry. Am I rushing things do you think. I am happy you are doing so well you are very organised. I am in a routine and feel I don't move around enough but feel so dizzy to play safe I do tend to sit too much but frightened of falling. You have got me thinking now. I hope you continue to move forward take care though, you are doing great, well done. Daisy.

Hi Daisy, Timing what we do after a stroke is hard. I have found it best to think ahead and if I am to do something, I work out what energy is required and how long I will be able to do something. For example, we have been invited to our twin nephews’ 30th birthday bash soon. It is at a local social club. I have decided I will only be able to tolerate two hours max and have agreed that with my partner in advance. Walking,however, took me a long time to build up. It was many months before I could do the daily walk I do now. I was very wobbly in the beginning, but by going to weekly physio and doing leg strengthening exercises on my weak leg, my walking improved. As I have said in other posts, I get fatigue daily and have an hour’s bed rest between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Invariably, I fall asleep. Part of that may be age related anyway.

When I left hospital, I was told to expect falls. These have been relatively few and have not damaged anything, touch wood. I do not have pain of any kind, but I still have a degree of anxiety and tread carefully everywhere. I walk freely around the house, but outside I use my stick and carry a phone. Uneven surfaces of any kind require special care.

Part of the problem may be your own expectations. I would love to do what I did and go everywhere as and when I please, but I cannot. I just try to do the best I can, given my new limitations.

Hi Thank you for your replyJohn, you are doing great, I can see I have to think about what I am unable to do and like you just do what is better for me without worrying what my family think. I can get so fatigued just being on the phone too long. Does that affect you? I am resting today I feel so tired. From now on like you I am just going to accept my life has changed and do the best I can now. Hard though isn't it! Keep up the good Work John . You are doing so well. Daisy




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