Had my appointment today.
The doc did a lot of arm and leg moving (on me not dancing lol) and decided to only do one injection on one muscle ( to help hand open) go back in 3 months possibly for a top up and other places if needed.
Was a weird needle that shocks the muscle to be injected (didnt feel a thing) for a big needle the injection was pretty painless but I think muscle close to surface.
Apparently takes a week to kick in.
Was hoping to get it in a few places to help with cramps but will see how it goes I guess
Take care all

Hello Dave,
I hope all goes well for you. I don't know much about this procedure so I'm intrigued to hear how it works for you. It's my husband who had a haemorrhagic stroke.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Soki,
Thanks and sorry to hear about your husband.
I asked a while back if anyone had had Botox but it seems only one lady had, I will update this thread as best I can as I think its not widely known about, my consultant recommend it a while back as I hit max dose of Baclofen and Tizanadine and was still suffering cramps and spacity.
I was really worried I might lose some of the movement I worked so.hard to get back so I was very happy the doctor/consultant was so thorough with the exam.
Takes a week to kick in, peaks at 6ish weeks and wears off in about 3 months so even if there is a problem its not permanent.
Thats what I remember from the appointment.
All the best

Had phisio yesterday and she has noticed fingers seem a little more relaxed now, I noticed an Improvement yesterday when I was resting hand on cushion
Take care all

Good to hear, sounds positive!

Hi all,
1 week since appointment and hand is pretty relaxed most of the time so am happy with results and timing is spot on, they said about 7 days and I really noticed the improvement.
Take care all

I have been receiving Botox injections on my right arm and leg for nearly a year, every four months. I have found it to be very helpful and I have noticed improvements in the movement of my arm and leg.

Thanks for the info abhakta4, glad its working well for you.
I have been pretty cramp free since the injection, still get some spacity, not sure if thats much better or not, bloody memory
Take care all

Hi DaveH,

Really pleased to hear you've noticed a positive response to the Botox, my husband has too. He's been receiving Botox as part of his rehabilitation, has had two rounds and due a third next month. The change in his hand is massive, gone from very tightly clenched fist to relaxed now, massive change in the spasticity (although hard to know exactly how much can be attributed to the Botox). The physios really work the hand in the 7-14 day window and it seems to pay off. He's even got the tiniest flicker of movement in his thumb, so here's hoping for further improvements.

He seems to be coping with the injections ok, but did flinch when they put one under his shoulder blade!

They're debating whether to Botox his left leg as it's very rotated, but have to way up the impact it will have on it being weight bearing. The discussion continues.

I hope you continue to see improvement too.
Take care

Thanks Deborah.
I am due my second visit in a couple of months, its a fine balance what they do as with your husbands leg, I bet he flinched, ouch the needle is not small.
Sounds like its working well for him, please keep us updated, a lot of people dont know about botox so like fes I like to share what I.can so people know about these options
Take care and say hi to your husband




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