Child stroke help

Hi there, my little boy had a stroke in August which has affected his right arm and leg. He is gradually being able to move both of them but his arm is particularly stiff and at a right angle most of the time, tense when he gets up etc and he finds it hard to relax it down by his side. He can’t move his wrist or fingers. The leg has fairly good movement - not perfect but hope to try standing next week. He’s just had a heart transplant so rehab has been a bit delayed since. Right now we’re in hospital but I’m curious to know if anyone has any good physios or advice for child stroke so we can get things underway as soon as we’re home. Looking forward to hearing of your experiences, many thanks

My daughter had a stroke in January, I don’t have any advice as regards to physio as she improved very quickly and didn’t really need any once we were discharged from hospital. Have you been in touch with Anna Panton from the stroke association for some child stroke support? The best thing I did was email Anna she has been so helpful so far and I really wish I had got in touch with her much much sooner than I did, I found her email on the stroke association website, hope this is of some help to you and I hope your little boy is recovering well

Also the physio my daughter had whilst in hospital was brilliant it was all just around play, for example she painted a picture and was encouraged to do so with her right hand (it was her right side affected also) all things like that so she loved doing it, what shocked me was how quickly she would get tired when doing it literally sometimes just a couple of minutes of physio and she would just walk out of the room back to her hospital bed and be wiped out asleep for a good couple of hours afterwards. Something they did to help her with her arm was make her a very very tight sleeve to wear which definitely made a difference.



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