Extreme motion sickness GONE after my stroke

I've had it since I was a kid. Mine was extreme. I've vomited many times on car trips and am unable to sail or ride in anything other than a front passenger seat. Reading or even looking at my phone as a passenger was literally impossible and. And caused immediate and violent sickness.

And now 6 mos post hemmiragic stoke it's not just better but *completely* gone. I'm actually typing this post on my phone while riding as a passenger.

For those who can't relate to extreme motion sickness, this opens up new worlds for me. Amusement park rides were always off limits. Long sightseeing trips - never. Upside down barrel rolls in a stunt plane suddenly become possible. Even instructing drivers in my old Porsche Racing Club (no mor racing for me) are now possible.

I just discovered this phenomenon this past week on my trip to Yosemite. Aside from losing almost 70 lbs and getting in shape this new development is amazing and the only other benefit of my stroke. The glass is definitely full on this one!!

Anyone else noticed this effect post stroke???


Definitely not gone for me. I had to go backwards on a train on Friday because there weren't seats left going forwards and I went green enough for the people opposite me to decide to leave their seats and stand up further down the carriage!

Sounds great though. Yay for silver linings!

I also was the complete opposite. Never suffered from motion sickness before but post stroke it hit me like a ton of bricks. Pleased to say it's improved immensly but i still have problems with speed perception etc which is why i still don't drive. x



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