I am looking for some advice about rediscovering hobbies after a stroke. My mum had a stroke a year ago and has no movement in her right arm (this was her dominant side). She loves knitting and cross stitch but we are struggling to help her get back to these. I have tried a hand strap for a knitting needle, we have clamped one to a stand and tried supporting one needle between her knees but we're still struggling. Has anyone any experience of getting back to hobbies after stroke and any techniques we could try?
Thank you!


Don't know if it would help but you could take a look at this knitting aid. https://www.knittingaid.com



This technique has the needle held under the armpit....

Thank you, I have seen this but couldn't find any feedback about it. Definitely looks like it maybe an option

I knit one-handed (right hand). I use double-ended needles and a pad which I ear around the waist. The left needle fixes into the pad and then I knit onto it. It will always be harder to knit one-handed with the non-dominant hand.
Cross stitch will probably just be practice in using the 'wrong' hand and maybe help from you in setting the work up.


Hi Sassypeep, sorry to hear about your Mum. Before my stroke I did lots of craft work. Knitting hats for premature babies, painting, making my own greeting cards, cross stitch, writing poetry always busy doing something. Since my stroke I am unable to do hardly any of them. The one thing I am able to do is colouring. My husband bought me a little crayoning book, they are popular now on Amazon. He also bought me felt tips and ordinary pencil crayons. I just thought if it is so difficult for Mum to get back to her knitting maybe she would like to try something like that and it is very relaxing. Anybody can do it. On really bad days it distracts my mind from me. That is very hard! I just wondered if it may help her. Wish you all the best Daisy

Thanks Daisy, that could be something she might like. She is getting very bored and frustrated when we try doing hobbies she used to like so something new might help. Thanks again for taking time to help☺️

Dear Sassypeep
Last week I went, for the first time, to a stroke club. "Colouring in" was popular and there are some lovely pictures being produced, so I agree with Daisys suggestion.
The main purpose of my post is to gently remind you that Mum will not be the same person as pre stroke. She is also no doubt frustrated by her own attempts to get back to her previous self. This is not going to happen. She will be a new person with some different interests and a different personality. For some its a small difference , for me its a big difference. So maybe you could think in terms of different passtimes, not necessarily the ones she used to do.
Do say hello to her from me. And I wish you both all the very best.



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